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Colored aluminum plate





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Colored aluminum plate is made of various colors that exist on the surface of natural materials. There are only three actual colors, called "red, green and blue", and other colors are made of three primary colors.


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Colored aluminum plate is made of various colors that exist on the surface of natural materials. There are only three actual colors, called "red, green and blue", and other colors are made of three primary colors. The three primary colors of the superimposed type are red, green and blue, while the three primary colors of the subtractive type are magenta, yellow and cyan.

Features of color aluminum plate:

1. Low quality: Color-coated aluminum plate is composed of aluminum and plastic core material with low density. Therefore, compared with aluminum with the same rigidity or thickness, its quality is much smaller than that of glass and stone.

2. Good rigidity: the color-coated aluminum plate ingeniously uses the mechanical principle of I-beam structure and ingeniously endows it with unique mechanical properties. In addition, the aluminum-plastic plate is compounded under high temperature conditions. During the whole processing process, the aluminum plate and the aluminum plate are in a certain tension state. After cooling as a mold, the aluminum plate and the core material have good rigidity due to the difference in shrinkage ratio between the upper and lower symmetrical aluminum plate and the core material, forming a stable internal stress of the plate. Compared with single-layer aluminum plate, its elastic limit is larger, it is not easy to deform, and it can maintain good flatness for a long time under the natural state without too much external force.

3. Rich colors and strong decoration: the layer surface of color-coated aluminum plate can be made into various colors, and the rich color and pattern design meet the coordination of different environmental requirements, so that different architectural styles and environments are compatible, and the selected color and environment are harmonious, achieving perfect unity in the overall artistic effect, giving people a bright and soft visual enjoyment. The curtain wall decorated with color-coated aluminum plate is no inferior to the gorgeous glass curtain wall and the elegant stone curtain wall. Under the sunlight, its layer is both gorgeous and dignified, while avoiding light pollution.

4. High surface flatness: Color-coated aluminum plate is produced by continuous thermal composite production process, so its surface flatness is high compared with metal plate of single material, especially for large size plate. It is used for building decoration and has an integrated and flat appearance.

5. Good durability: the color-coated aluminum plate adopts the thermal composite technology of metal and core material, which is firmly bonded. Its surface coating uses different materials according to the different use environment, and generally uses three kinds of coatings, namely fluorocarbon coating, polyester coating, and acrylic coating. Among them, fluorocarbon coating has more excellent weather resistance, and is mostly used in curtain wall decoration and special occasions.

6. Good processability: The color-coated aluminum plate is made of aluminum and plastic, and is easy to cut, punch, cut, bend, etc. It can be processed with special processing equipment for aluminum or wood. Therefore, it can not only be processed in the production plant, but also the suggested composite plate can be processed on site.

7. Excellent fire protection performance: in the series of color-coated aluminum panels, fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panels adopt newly developed core materials, which are filled with inorganic fillers. Therefore, the improvement of fire protection performance has made a leap and can meet the requirements of building regulations.

8. Good cost characteristics: the production of color-coated aluminum plate adopts the continuous precoating coating and the continuous thermal composite process of metal/core material. Compared with ordinary metal veneer, the production efficiency is high, the raw material cost is low, and it is a material with good cost characteristics.

9. Good environmental coordination: the aluminum and plastic core materials in the discarded color-coated aluminum panels can be recycled 100%. In addition, the wood-aluminum-plastic panels and outdoor decorative aluminum-plastic panels use fluorocarbon coatings, which have high durability, low daily maintenance costs and reduced the cost of the entire life cycle.

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