Characteristics of anti-corrosion plate

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2023-02-15 11:15

The characteristics of anti-corrosion plate are well known for the performance and application advantages of many anti-corrosion plates, which not only have good quality, but also have the advantages of corrosion resistance. However, many users still have doubts about its function. Don't worry, let's study it together and see what features it has.

1. Light weight and high strength

The relative density is 1.5~2.0, which is only 1/4~1/5 of carbon steel, but the tensile strength is close to or even higher than that of carbon steel, and the specific strength is comparable to that of high-grade alloy steel. Therefore, the anti-corrosion plate has achieved remarkable results in products that need to reduce their own weight, such as aviation, rockets, spacecraft, high-pressure vessels, etc. The tensile, bending and compressive strength of some epoxy resins can reach more than 400Mpa.

2. Good corrosion resistance.

It is a good corrosion-resistant material and has good resistance to atmosphere, water, generally high concentration of acid, alkali, salt and various oils and solvents. It has been applied to various aspects of chemical corrosion protection and is replacing carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, non-ferrous metals, etc.

3. Good electrical performance.

Anti-corrosion plate is an excellent insulating material, which is used to make insulators. It can still protect good dielectric properties at high frequency. Microwave transmission is good and has been widely used in radomes.

4. Good thermal performance.

Low thermal conductivity, 1.25~1.67 kJ/(m · h · k) at room temperature, only 1/100~1/1000 of metal. It is an excellent thermal insulation material. It is an ideal material for thermal protection and ablation resistance under transient ultra-high temperature.

5. Good designability

According to the needs, products with various structures can be flexibly designed to meet the use requirements and make the products have good integrity. Materials can be fully selected according to the performance of the product, for example, corrosion resistant, transient high temperature resistant, high strength in one direction of the product, and good dielectric properties can be designed.

(6) Good condensation resistance.

When the outdoor temperature is 0 ℃, the indoor temperature is 23 ℃, and the indoor relative humidity is less than 80%, the internal surface of the material will not be dewed.

(7) Excellent manufacturability.

The forming process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity. The process is simple, can be formed at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for a small number of products with complex shape and difficult forming, which highlight its technical advantages.

The characteristics of anticorrosive board are briefly described in terms of its performance, material, design and technology. After understanding from all aspects, it can also be helpful for future use.

The above briefly introduces the characteristics of anti-corrosion board. If you don't understand after reading the article, you can contact our company for consultation.


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