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2023-02-15 11:16

I think many people who make metal materials are listening to titanium tin plate, which is widely used in the metal plate market several years ago. 99.99% of titanium tin plate is made of pure zinc, which is a non-rusting metal element. In addition, it is made of pure zinc with titanium added. It can be said that this titanium tin plate will not rust for ten thousand years. Titanium tin plate must be very good, but at the same time, the price of this material is not familiar. Eighty percent of our titanium tin plates need to be imported from abroad, and almost all of our products come from China under brand monopoly. The market price is often 50000 or 60000 tons, which cannot be widely used. Now let's learn about titanium tin plates!

Under this condition, a new research and application product "titanium tin plate" came into being. Although there is only a word gap, titanium tin plate is really a popular and promising product. Titanium tin plate is coated with titanium tin composite coating on the surface of ordinary galvanized plate, and the metal surface is attached with a solid shielding layer, which blocks the chemical reaction between the plate and external impurities, air and water, and greatly improves the overall life of the steel plate.

Titanium tin plate is a functional color steel plate melted from titanium, tin, magnesium and other alloy rare earth materials. It is manufactured by color plating process and high-density alloy melting technology. The surface temperature difference of the color steel plate that is whiter than the teeth decreases by 15 degrees, and the surface temperature difference of the dark blue color steel plate decreases by 20 degrees, which has the characteristics of heat insulation and super weather resistance. In addition, because the surface layer of titanium tin plate is high-density alloy paint, its acid resistance is also better than that of ordinary color steel plate, and its service life is twice that of ordinary color steel plate.

At present, there are a variety of building materials on the roof, and there are four series of titanium plates. 15 years series, 30 years series, strong acid and heavy corrosion series and aluminum magnesium manganese series. Now, many building roofs and exterior walls use this material. Although the price varies with the material, the high price does not mean that it is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. It can only be said that it has a long service life under ordinary non-polluting atmospheric conditions. For example, use "aluminum magnesium manganese material", ordinary aluminum magnesium manganese material, 3003; 3004; The surface of 3005 alloy substrate adopts high-temperature firing technology or fluorocarbon PVDF coating, which does not have corrosion resistance. In the experiment, a drop of strong sulfuric acid was added to the surface of an aluminum magnesium manganese plate and a titanium tin plate at the same time. After one minute, the paint of the aluminum magnesium manganese plate changed, and the paint began to dissolve, while the surface of the other titanium tin plate did not change.

Titanium tin plate has higher durability than ordinary aluminum magnesium manganese plate. It depends on the alloy coating with stronger surface and higher durability, and contains a variety of rare earth elements. The construction method is the same as the installation method of aluminum magnesium manganese metal roof. Generally, the square fastener or vertical locking type is used, and the fixed fastener is used for installation. The surface is installed seamlessly, without secondary damage to the structure.

In fact, the rusting of metal materials depends not only on its chemical properties, but also on the surface treatment method. If the surface material is strong and durable, and can resist corrosion, the material in it is basically not important. The service life of titanium tin plate can reach more than 20 years. The surface coating of high-density titanium tin alloy can lower the temperature of the roof plate by more than 18 degrees than that of ordinary steel plate of the same thickness. In addition, titanium tin plate has the extreme effect of blocking ultraviolet rays and resisting artificial aging for 150000 hours, showing excellent performance of super weather resistance and acid and alkali corrosion resistance.

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